Monday, March 31, 2008

I Am Legend - movie review

I Am Legend, with Will Smith, is a pretty good flick. Its story line reminded me a lot of the movie "Invasion" that I just watched with a touch of "Night of the Living Dead" in it. Smith does good in his role as the lone survivor of an incurable virus in New York City, he is immune to the virus. The virus is all over and as a result of this virus humans and animals become mutant plaque victims, violent, shrieking in the night and cannot be in bright light. The saddest part is when he has to put his only friend, Samantha, down when she becomes infected while protecting him from a mutant dog pack. The movie has some heart-pounding moments in it as Smith (a military virologist) works feverishly to come up with an antidote for the virus and engages in battles with the mutants.

It is not a movie I would let my kids watch because of the violent content. It has a lot of intense Sci-Fi action in it. It is rated PG 13.

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