Thursday, March 20, 2008

Brigade Quartermasters

This is an excellent place to find State of the Art products for Outdoor Action Adventures, Search and Rescue teams, Hunting, Camping, Disaster Preparedness, Tactical Operations, Hostage Rescue, Public Safety Clothing, Survival Equipment and off duty gear.

Their product range includes many nationally famous brand names: WOOLLY PULLY® Sweaters, COMBAT CLOTH® BDUs, BlackHawk® Products Group, 5.11 Tactical®, Tru-Spec®, and Eagle® Industries to name a few. Currently, they have 343 brand names in their inventory!

They even have a bargain bunker for their clearance items!

This is a must see store for those who lead the action-packed life!

I have put a link to this store in my links section here and also on my website.

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