Thursday, March 20, 2008

Creating Your Own Cookbook

There are many "self-publishing" places out there to create your own cookbook (or any book for that matter). It doesn't require that some editor in a crystal palace adores your work or your recipes if you "self-publish". The only requirement is that you are pleased with your work and the book you've created.

I created my cookbook from Morris Press Cookbooks and it was a truly wonderful experience. The company's representatives were great and there were many selections of covers, indexes, size, prices, special deals, and all of that stuff.

I found another create a cookbook place that looks very interesting to me. It's called and I have provided a link under my "links" section. There is also a link on my website. You can choose recipes from their selection, use only your own recipes or add your recipes to the others you select, and many other options. There is a selection of covers and tabs for your book and the pricing is very reasonable.

There are lots of fun reasons to create your own cookbook. Most popular is to create one from those huge family reunions! My book was the result of "handed-down through the ages" family recipes. I enjoyed doing it and the family enjoyed receiving a copy and I sold a lot of them too! Maybe your child's school is going to have a fund raising event - a cookbook with recipes from all the families, or school staff, or the chess club, or whatever, would be great for that!

Which ever company you choose, they are both definitely worth taking a look at! Have fun!

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