Friday, June 6, 2008

Gardening Tip - Freezing Weather

Two diverse tips:

I have come across a new gardening tip and used it myself overnight last night. It was supposed to drop to freezing temps last night and a possibility of snow. So, on the news, they had a gardeners tip for a quick fix to protect young plants. The tip is to take your empty plant containers and put them (upside down) over the young plants to help insulate them and keep them warm from the freezing temps, frost and snow. It got down to freezing last night, but hasn't snowed. I am leaving the containers over the top of my baby plants until tomorrow when it is supposed to warm up some.

Another tip that I heard of was if you know it is going to freeze and want to protect your plants, spray them with water and the frozen water is supposed to protect them. I didn't try this, but, my cousin did and I am going to find out how the plants and their lawn survived it all!

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