Friday, June 6, 2008

Air Buddies - Movie Review

Air Buddies is a very cute movie, how can you not like 5 mischievous talking puppies and their parents? When it comes time for the puppies to go to new families, they run away. The parent dogs, Air Bud and Molly, go looking for their babies. In the meantime, a spoiled rich kid wants Air Bud for his birthday present and his father arranges with a dim witted cousin and an idiot thug to dognap Air Bud. So, the puppies who had run away, got captured and used for bait to get Air Bud, the parents find the puppies and rescue them, but unfortunately Air Bud and Molly get dognapped and held captive, the puppies then start their search to find and rescue their parents. They befriend several other talking animals like a goat, a pig and her piglets, and a wolf all of whom help Rosebud, Mudbud, Buddha, B-dawg, and Budderball get to their parents. In the mean time, the parents have already escaped their capture and have to return to find their puppies. The two young boys who own Air Bud and Molly get involved in finding the puppies and the parents, the old (very old) Sheriff and his old hound dog get in on it and, of course, it all turns out well and everyone is happy. It's really a cute movie and acceptable for family viewing. It's rated PG.

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