Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Health and Beauty

The scent of the Polynesian flower Ylang-Ylang is reported to have an uplifting, relaxing effect on the subjects who sniffed the flower. You can buy the essential oil at healthfood stores. Put a drop on a cotton ball and when you're feeling a bit down.. take a sniff!

The oil of the Tiare Flower, a gardenia native to Tahiti, called Monoi is reported to be more effective than three of the commerical lotions for softer, firmer skin with fewer fine lines. Pure Monoi oil is available at health food stores or at monoi.org

The root of the South Pacific Kaval has been used for centuries to calm the nervous system and induce sleep. According to Health Myths Exposed, the root has kavalactones that relax the nervous system while boosting levels of the natural antidepressant dopamine. It can be found at drug, health food and grocery stores.

The Polynesian Noni, is a yellow-green fruit with white flesh that has been used by them as a healing fruit for more than 2000 years. It is packed iwth minerals, antioxidants and enxymes. It is said to improve digestion, detoxify the body and boost energy and immunity. It is sold at health-food stores.

Thousands of years before Hops were used in beer, the Irish brewed the flowers as a tea and even stuffed their pillows with them to help them sleep. Scientists have pinpointed natural sedatives in hops that do ease anxiety. Although you find hops in beers, you can get a greater use of their effects without the alcohol, in capsule form, at a health store. (According to legend, hops were also said to improve psychic ability.)

The Celtic cure for joint pain, including arthritis, is nettles. The Druids ate the nettle leaves for relief, but you can get them in capsule form at a health store.

The sacred Druid herb, Hawthorn, is packed with heart-healthy bioflavonoids and studies prove it boosts blood and oxygen tothe heart and lowers blood pressure. It can also destroy deadly blood clots on contact. You can find it in health food stores.

Cut your Cold and Flu short by taking Sambucol Black Elderberry Extract. The elderberry has Anthocyanins, antioxidants that eliminate virus particles. Again, available at health stores.

Irish Moss - once considered so sacred that only Celtic priests were allowed to gather it! It protects teh digestive tract witha coating that reduces inflammation, gas, bloating and heartburn. Its high in Iodine and Vitamin B which regulates thyroid function, boosts metabolism, and energy. Find it in tea form or capsules at Health food stores. Celtic legend say the moss was placed under rugs to ensure a steady flow of luck and money into the home!

I have used the Herbal Healer website frequently when I want to get any oils, capsules, creams etc and their prices are pretty good. Their product seems to be better than alot of places you find online.

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