Saturday, December 20, 2008

Nifty websites and tips

If you want to see if you have a rare coin worth lots of money, check out this site!

Why carry around a fist full of coupons when you can have them transferred to your supermarket bonus card? The coupons are instantly redeemed when you swipe your card at the checkout! Best of all it's free! Check out the site and see if your favorite store is on it yet... if it's not, they'll email you when it is! The site is: shortcuts

Earn money at home. Work as much or as little as you like. Learn about the industry at these two sites International Virtual Assistant Association and Alliance for Virtual Businesses and then check out guru and elance for freelance job listings.

Need a little "fun break" in your day? Check out WebSudoku. Billions of free puzzles to play online, includes interactive tutorial.

Need to find out what something is? Take a picture of it and go to PicAnswers to post it with your question. While you're there, check out what others have posted and see if you have their answers! There were lots of pictures and lots of categories in that website when I looked at it!

Youngsters needing some help with homework? Check out this site, it's looks pretty neat! BJPinchbeck

I came across this information recently too and I had never heard of it before. Apparently, through a few companies (GE Money, Citigroup and a few others) one can get a "medical credit card" for use ONLY for health care expenses and they have 0% interest rates for as long as 12 months. Medical debt does not usually show up on a credit report unless it goes to collection, but consumer debt shows up immediately and can have a big impact if you pay bills late. The cards are usually offered to people who are having trouble paying their medical bills -making it very likely that they will still have a balance at the end of the 0% time. I don't know what the interest rate is after the 0% is over. So, the point being, if you are putting your medical costs on your regular credit cards, and then not able to pay properly... it's ending up on your credit report and you're probably paying at least 12% on the credit card balance. So, if your doctor won't negotiate a fee and payment schedule with you directly, this credit card might be another avenue you want to explore. This information is from

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