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Growing Herbs -Rosemary, Thyme, Parsley and Sage

Growing Herbs -Rosemary, Thyme, Parsley and Sage

All herbs require at least 4 hours of direct sunlight every day. If you are growing them indoors, place them in front of the window that receives the brightest light.

The herbs need to be watered consistently. Generally, when grown indoors in a window sill, a smaller pot must be used because of space constraints. They will need to be watered every other day in these small pots. Do NOT leave these pots sitting in a bowl of water, this will most certainly kill them. Place the pot under running water in the sink then allow the pot to drain before moving them back to their sunny window.

Indoors, the atmosphere is drier. Your herbs will need a daily misting to keep the foliage hydrated and insects under control. (Mites hate being damp). Herbs flourish outdoors in humid air.

If daily misting doesn’t cure the insect problem, try moving the plants to a sunny, but cooler, window.

Trim your herbs regularly to encourage new growth. Snip the tips of Rosemary and Thyme and remove the outer most leaves of Parsley and Sage.

To learn how to use herbs to the maximum potential, check out this herb dictionary:
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