Thursday, September 11, 2008

More money saving tips

Here are a few money saving tips that I read about. Most are pretty interesting, particularly the credit card website.

1. Get a good "rewards" credit card. As long as you pay the balance every month so you don't get charged any interest, it's a win-win situation. You're paying out the same amount of money that you normally do, but you're getting cash back rewards on top of it. The bigger the family, the bigger the rewards. Generally, a "rewards" card carries a higher interest rate so you want to be SURE that you pay it off prior to the date they tack on that nasty interest! Check out Index credit cards for information on all credit cards.

2. Always buying books and passing them around to friends or giving to the library or Goodwill? Why not get some cash back on your discards? This company even pays for the postage to mail them your books! Check it out: Cash4books for more information.

3. Woman's Day DIY (Do-it-yourself) section has recipes for making your own laundry soap, window cleaner, and all-purpose cleaner. The laundry detergent will cost you about 2cents per load instead of 25cents per load. (If you have a big family that could be QUITE a savings!!) Window cleaner in the store is about 10cents per ounce, their recipe is less than 1cent per ounce. (Personally, I mix vinegar with water and then use newspaper to wash windows - gets them squeaky clean in no time, with no streaks!) Anyhow, the recipes are at: Woman's Day.

4. Ask for lower interest on your credit cards! All you need to do is call your credit card company and ask to speak to a supervisor. Tell them you are receiving many offers to transfer your balance, but would prefer to stay with them, IF they can lower your rate to match the other company(ies). If they don't want to lower their rates, check the credit card site listed in #1 and find a better deal!

The other sites listed in the article are:
Microsoft's new Live Search Cashback program. If you use their search engine and make a purchase via that search, you are eligible to get a rebate from Microsoft.

Once Upon A Child. Best deals on high-quality, gently worn, kid's clothes.

Bank of America has an agreement until April 2009 with 73 museums across the country that allows you to get in free the first weekend of the month if you show them our B of A debit, credit, or ATM card.

Online coupons place.

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