Friday, June 6, 2008

Syriana - Movie Review

Syriana, starring George Clooney (Best Supporting Actor) is a pretty good movie, but it has a lot of subtitles, which I hate. It was sort of complex so you have to pay attention (and read the subtitles) if you're going to understand what's going on or who's doing what. Clooney is a CIA agent who get involved with blowing the whistle on corruption in big oil business from Washington DC to the Middle East. It did have it's violent moments and vulgar language, but one would expect when dealing with big money, oil in the Middle East, terrorists, politics, spies and all that! People are victimized, blown-up, tortured, and murdered in the movie. I did close my eyes when "Massawi" was pulling off Clooney's fingernails to make him talk. I have to admit it was a bit of a confusing movie and who knows how actually accurate it might be. I've never been involved in that sort of thing so I have nothing to base it's veracity on. It is rated R for violence and language. You can buy it through the link below!

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