Friday, June 6, 2008

The Golden Compass - Movie Review

Ok, I admit I got the movie ONLY because of all the hoo haw and controversy that surrounded it! Other than that, I had no interest in seeing, much less buying the movie. But I had to find out why it has so many people upset. I'm not much into that sort of "fantasy" type stuff I guess. There was clearly a good against evil element that seemed to be what it was all about. Demons, who were with pretty much everyone, were not necessarily bad demons and could change form at will (some were downright adorable!). The process of removing a demon from a child seemed to have detrimental effects on the child. Witches were good guys. I loved the Ice Bear who had his soul stolen (his armor) and became a whiskey swilling drunk. I loved him most when the star, Lyra, helped him find his soul and he became a loyal friend and helper to Lyra and eventually regained his kingdom. The thing I liked most about the movie was that it had Sam Elliot in it, not a huge part but he was a good guy and I like him a lot. Do I think it deserved the awards it got? Well, honestly, no. Do I think the hoopla created by the religious sectors catapulted this movie to getting an award and boosting it's sales? Very much so. Do I think it is a statement against God or religion? Nope, can't say that either. I don't think the Atheist writer was trying to launch any conspiracy to turn all children against God or "the authority"... only against BAD authority - or a bad/false God, if you will. It wasn't a bad movie, it wasn't a good movie... it was just sort of there and didn't deserve all the hype and attention it got. It is rated PG13.

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