Friday, June 13, 2008

Cayenne for your veggies

Boy, how about that tomato scare? More states with sick folks. I stopped in at a farmer's market in Portland yesterday and they were charging almost $3 a lb for their "organic" tomatoes!! And, since they were sitting out in the heat, the tomatoes (and ALL the veggies) looked horrible! I'll wait till mine grow up and mature! ha ha

I was talking to a guy yesterday who said that he has two patio tomato plants. One he has been feeding cayenne pepper to about every 3rd watering and the other he has not. They are the same variety, beefsteak I think he said. Anyhow, the one he's been giving the cayenne to has a huge softball size tomato on it and the leaves are a deep green, the other has a tomato also, but it is half the size and the leaves aren't as rich in color.

I haven't tried this yet and have never heard of it before but it sounds interesting! I think I will buy two small tomato plants and try my own experiment!

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